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fashion, street, wellness, home, active
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Zaag holdings is a brand development company focused on acquiring direct to consumer (DTC) brands that deliver compelling products in fashion, street, wellness, home, active and outdoor lifestyle sectors. Our goal is to take these brands to the next level whether we own, license or manage them. The Company is also working on a subscription based wet shave club for women and seeking to branch out into other products with various celebrities.


NFID Clothing

NFID is an active lifestyle brand. The brand’s history is rooted in the expansion of consciousness and targeted to consumers at the intersection of surf, skate, trail running, yoga, meditation, and martial art cultures. NFID is a direct-to-consumer brand that produces apparel and accessories.

NFID selectively collaborates with artists and influencers that bring authenticity and credibility to the brand.

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