NAPLES, Fla.April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ZA Group Inc. (OTC: ZAAG) is excited to announce that our subsidiary, Econic Crop Solutions Inc, has purchased a Bellanca Cruisair fixed-wing Aircraft, valued at roughly $100,000. The craft will serve as an extremely valuable asset, increasing operations and accessibility exponentially across the country. Additionally, it’ll ensure ease of execution by the management team. An estimated payload of 500 Pounds of raw material can be transported with each trip, valued at roughly $1,000,00 (1 Million PER transport) based on current market fair value.

The Aircraft acquisition will provide efficient, flexible, secure, and, most importantly, cost-effective accessibility to the communities serviced by the company. It will be particularly beneficial for the rapid and cost efficient deployment and transfer of dispensary products and services to the multiple First Nations communities throughout Western Canada, whom have signed agreements partnering with Econic Crop Solutions.

The importance of the Bellanca Cruisair in partnering with Canadian First Nation Communities. The First Nation indigenous people of Canada are comprised of 634 bands spread out across the country. First Nation bands have a unique level of self-government and are not bound by certain provincial legislation, on First Nation land. Transporting products from First Nation community to First Nation community over Provincial land, presents some significant challenges for the import and export of goods.

ZA Group’s acquisition of the Bellanca Cruisair allows for direct delivery from one First Nation community directly to another, and eliminates the need to travel on any Provincial roads. This allows us to directly transport our products to the communities and assures safe and effective delivery. This asset acquisition will provide ZA Group and Econic reliable and valuable support for immediate and future shipments of product.

Wade Eno, CEO of Econic reported, “The demand for our grow pod installation and operation services has been explosive and the interest in our dispensary services is equally strong. The Cruisair will allow us to respond more timely to market opportunities, since many of the communities are located away from main road transportation hubs. Each of our community customers have the necessary landing strips to allow us to move quickly with our products and services.”

When asked to comment, John Morgan, President of ZA Group, stated, “The acquisition of this asset is a perfect example of careful and dr advance planning. As I have watched Econic’s noticeable weekly expansion, I continue to see evidence of the commitment and potential of this “forward thinking, combined with a “boots on the ground”, managements stellar and unique business model. I am so excited to see where we will be to this time next year, so many moving pieces are falling into place for ZAAG, we are looking forward to growing shareholder value each quarter.

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